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We are NA FALI !!!

We are  members of  the club NA FALI (it's means "on wave")

On a wave of Obedience. We are the part of the best people and dogs. Adventure of  Obedience continues. Is great and will be better!!
Me and my 3 dogs were in Lubiatowo on Na Fali camp. Dogs had great training time and I was also one of the instructors for the other participants. Interesting time, new experiences, new dogs and people , some time also for relax by the sea.

From the north we went south to IPO camp to Czech. This training time was reserved specially for Hugo. Helper – Zbyszek Górecki, obedience instructor – Petr Foltyn. Organization of the camp was excellent and the place beautiful in the Czech Beskidy Mountains.

Hugo worked excellent!! I’m proud of him ♥ Fewer problems. We started obedience in protection. We started a lot of new elements. We go forward!! I’m back home motivated and happy.
Short video of beginnings of obedience in defence: here



III Picnic Estimado
III Picnic of Estimado. Theme: herding. Place Pastuszkowo. Trainer: Aleksandra Rosiak.
debutants: Gaya Blue Estimado with Grazyna, Guido Blue Estimado ( Franek ) with Maciej and Monika, Giro Blue Estimado with Karolina and Emil, Wojak Woodland Legend Estimado with me.
Beginners: Gaba Blue Estimado ( Huba) with Agnieszka, Wito Woodland Legend Estimado with Małgorzata, Aurynn Doc Bar Domikar ( Hela with me).
Guest starring : Lara from kennel Mitykama with Małgorzata – as role model , Orbit ( Cardigan ) with Agnieszka.

Dogs: Lara, Wito, Gaya, Huba, Orbit, Hela, Wojak, Giro, Franek
Was heat, lot of fun and great atmosphere, for someone it was beginning of a new adventure. Debutant are the city dogs but all worked splendilly. Im so proud of all people and dogs. Thank you for this great day and see you next time !!!




I can officially announce that Wiking Woodland Legend Estimado found a new home in New York with a professional dog trainer - Loren C'Manzell. Loren's dogs take part in movies, advertisements and commercials.  She  appreciated Viking socialization, his character, willingness to work with the people and his beautiful movement and appearance.

Viking can be send to NY in May - due to the veterinary rules. It will be very hard for me to let him go so far  but I know that Loren eagerly waiting for him.


These two youths left yesterday to their new homes. Wigor will live in sport home near Cracow and will train IPO and herding from time to time. Wito will reign in Bogoria and will devote to herding and IPO. Good luck guys !! ♥ ♥


Great info - all puppies have bilateral hearing !!!
BAER OK ( 09/03/2015 )
Puppies  have names already, so let me introduce :
WOJAK WOODLAND LEGEND Estimado  ( available )
WIKING WOODLAND LEGEND Estimado ( available )

New photos of puppies in the 19th day of life : click
and new movies : movie3 , movie4


New photos of puppies in 13th day of life : click

The birth of liter W "Woodland Legend"
2015 started great :D

20th January four healthy and strong boys was born . The birth was without complications and the mother immediately after birth  took care of the children lovingly.

Babies develop properly, they have a huge appetite and grow very fast, which is verified by me daily weighing.
In the "puppies" place in this website you can find information about the litter and the link to the photo album and links to the movies with these little boys.